Anonymous whispered: You are the carrot to my cake.


(btw I never ate that hahahaha, one more thing to the list :p)

Anonymous whispered: You are the beauty to my beast.


Anonymous whispered: Shhh let's pretend nobody knows who I am, but you are the Angela to my Brennan! <3

jsdhjkfhvaefjkvuhjetñyoikvpei <3

i’m crying

i-can-be-a-duck whispered: You are the toppings to my pizza

this is like the best thing someone told me

You are the _____ to my _____.

Just us. Like we used to.

Anonymous whispered: You anon n 1 didn't sent the ask in Spanish :p hahha

OKAY stop

this is the moment when I’m totally confused and I hate it

Christine Angela Booth.

Anonymous whispered: Me enseñaras español? Hahaha I gave a solid effort right there. (Feel welcome to correct me)

That’s so good!!!!! (Argentine spanish is a bit different) but that’s correct!!! (: Okay so .. I don’t know what you want to know? hahahaha I don’t know where to start!