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DAVID & EMILY | Behind the Scenes of BONES… (X)

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danceroftheblackbird wondered: Two things! Thanks for the answer and second good luck on your exam or whatever everyone is good lucking you on! Hope you do well!

You’re welcome!(: and aw thanks sweetie!!! xoxo

emilydeschanell wondered: Good luck for tomorrow! You will do great 😊

thank you!<3


asoms1990 wondered: What about you exam!?😳and when!?

haha It’s tomorrow

anthropologically speaking, I’m scared(?)

weirdcombination wondered: hey, Anto, good luck on your exam tomorrow! <3

LOVE YOU FRIEND! thanks!<3


teamjeffersonian wondered: Anto <3 Good luck with your exams!! Seguro que te va genial :)

aww gracias!!! <33


I can’t even describe how much this gif set means to me.

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danceroftheblackbird wondered: OH MY GOSH! Do you happen to know what episode that is that Brennan has her headphones in while she is looking at the bones?

7x02! beautiful scene! (: